Abby Wambach To High Five Rochester

Posted by on Aug 08 2012 | Other, Photography

After the Olympics wind down, and some much deserved rest is had, Abby Wambach will return to her hometown, Rochester N.Y. to participate in the project, The Hands That Make Rochester. The photography project will capture 25 images of the hands of people shaping today’s Rochester.

It was George Eastman’s dream to make the city a “better place to live and work.” He made his vision a reality by giving back in the fields that help enrich the community, including arts, culture, health, corporate and civic life, and education.

In that same spirit, the museum along with world-renowned photographer, Gary Schneider will highlight the people who are working to make the city a better and stronger community for all.

“I consider handprint portraits to be as expressive as any of a face, more private, and possibly more revealing. They do not reveal race and, often, neither gender nor age,” said Schneider, who borrows his unique technique from the ancient caves of Lascaux, the Shroud of Turin, and 19th-century spirit photography.

So here’s to Abby and the rest of the Hands That Make Rochester. We are so very proud of you.

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