Tom’s Risky Business // Dryden Trivia

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risky business

It’s been 30 (?!) years, and some Risky Business is happening tomorrow night (June 29) at the Dryden Theatre at 8 p.m.

Win a pair of tickets! First person to guess at least two of the follow three questions wins…

Winner announced this evening

1. When Tom Cruise showed up to audition for the part of Joel Goodsen he had greasy hair, a make-up tattoo, and smelled, because he’d just come off the set of what movie?

2. More than one Porsche 928 were used in the filming of Risky Business. How many were used?

3. True of False?: Tom Cruise improvised the underwear dancing scene.

Leave your answers in the comment section



*thanks to Kolbe Resnick for thinking these up!  






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Hey! You’re in my seat

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I decided to take a little stroll through the Dryden Theatre to see if there were any interesting seat labels from our current Take a Seat campaign (more here) – and I was in luck. Take a look at a few of my faves – the rest you’ll have to come in and see for yourself.

See you at the movies!


photo (4)

photo (5)

photo (7)

photo (8)

photo (9)

photo (10)

photo (11)

photo (12)



More about the Dryden Theatre’s recent renovation here.

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Dryden Theatre Renovation Series: Cement, Lighting and Accessibility

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Here we are, week two. The theater is still looking bare, but major strides are under  way. Before I get started on what has been accomplished the past week and what to look forward to I’d like to take a moment to announce another sale. While clearing out the theater for renovation we cleared out a storage closet full of equipment and are now selling a great deal of this equipment. Incredibly cheap, still good, we want to get this off our hands and into the hands of someone who will put the equipment such as digital and film cameras to good use. If you’re at all interested please contact us.

Coming to work Monday morning, the first thing I saw was a cement truck sitting out front of the theater and every chance I’ve had to poke my head into the theatre this week I’ve seen the construction workers hard at work constructing the tiers in the balcony. This part of the renovation is highly labor intensive: Cement is dumped from the truck into wheelbarrows which are taken into the theatre. Then the cement is emptied into buckets which are then carried up into the balcony and emptied into a mold where it will take 1 week to cure. This is done repeatedly throughout the day until the mold is complete.

The cement is also being used on the ground floor. A platform is being created for Row K’s handicapped seating. The platform is designed to provide space for extended wheelchair accessibility—something we are very pleased to be offering our patrons.

With the installation of new lights in the ceiling and the replacement of lobby lights, every single light is now LED, making it possible for the theater to be much brighter than it has been in the past and also bringing the theatre to be as energy efficient as possible.

Plans for the installation of the Hearing Loop system have been finalized and the system will be installed next week. Don Bataille, architect and designer from SWBR Architects, with the help of a team of volunteers, will be directing the installation. Through the use of telecoil sensors in ear plugs and cochlear implants, or by the use of an external attachment, the hearing loop system magnetically transmits sound directly to those who need it. The loop itself will be attached to the floor and the carpeting will be put down over it. Although you will not be able to see this addition, it will make a world of difference for our hearing impaired patrons. This is a very exciting addition and we’re proud to be adding it to our list of capabilities.

More on the Dryden Theatre Renovation:
Part I, The Curtain Stays
Part II, Seatless
Part IV, Painting, Listening System and Digital Projection

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Dryden Theatre Renovation Series: The Curtain Stays

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Kolbe inspects the curtain

In this series, Theatre Manager, Kolbe Resnick will keep us up to date on the renovation each week with everything related to the Dryden Theatre makeover from the seats to the projection booth.

If there is one question I have been asked more than any other in the past few months it is “Will the curtain stay after the theater is reopened?”. The answer to that question is a resounding “Yes.” Our unique gold curtain will absolutely be there on March 2nd. Nothing could ever possibly replace the excitement evoked from the raising of the curtain and the slow fade out of the music. It is a truly unique experience. An experience you only get at the Dryden. Taking the curtain down, storing it, and reinstalling it is no small task, however. Curtain specialists at Reynold’s Drapery in Newport will be coming in the morning of January 2 to safely remove it from the theater and bring it to an off-site storage location before the major part of the restoration begins.

Another question I’ve been asked repeatedly is: “Two months? That seems like a long time!” Actually, two months is the perfect amount of time. January will be the month for the cosmetic renovations, which includes the new seats, carpeting, paint, and lighting. February will be when the renovations of the projection booth take place, including our exciting new addition: the digital projector. As we want everything to be perfect for our reopening, we aren’t willing to take
any chances on time.

If you’ve come to the Dryden in the past week you may or may not have noticed the first steps of the renovation process. During the day electricians have been hard at work in the theater preparing for the full on restoration. Beginning with familiarizing themselves with the theater they’ve been locating circuits, rerouting cables that run through the theater, and preparing the aisle lighting that will run along the edge of the seats. You may have noticed the slow clearing
out of the box office. By January 1st, the box office will be empty. And when you come on January 1st for our final screening (Cinema Paradiso) in the old Dryden you will notice that the lobby furniture and the piano will be gone. Following that screening everything will be plasticated in the booth, in the offices, and in the closets surrounding the theater. The following morning the seats will be taken out and loaded into a truck to be distributed to those of you who reserved them.

The historic Heywood-Wakefield seats we are removing sold out in a matter of days, but you can still get on the waiting list here.  City Newspaper ran an excellent story about the theater in last week and today we had two news crews in here.

There is roughly one more week of screenings in the old Dryden! The last chance to see the theater the way it is there are a wide variety of films playing that appeal to everyone.

Come celebrate the moving image!

More on the Dryden Theatre Renovation:
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