Pinhole Cameras, Light-Tight Boxes

Posted by on Jan 30 2013 | Photography

Entrance Gallery, George Eastman House

Take a look at a handful of the pinhole cameras (and their matching image) from our Camera Obscura exhibit:

Stereo Pinhole Camera

Stereo Pinhole Camera Image


Dry Plate Pinhole Camera

Dry Plate Pinhole Camera Image

8x10 Pretzel Can Pinhole Camera

8x10 Pretzel Can Pinhole Camera Image

4x5 Film Box Pinhole Camera

Robot Cam Pinhole Image


Speed Graphic Pinhole Camera

Speed Graphic Pinhole Image


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Photographic Process 1.0: The Daguerreotype

Posted by on Jun 05 2012 | Other, Photography

This month we’re highlighting a series of videos on six photographic processes featured throughout our current exhibition, See: Untold Stories.
We’re taking a look at the invention of the process and talking with our curators and historians, who help us put these processes into historical and cultural contexts.

First up, The Daguerrotype.

The discovery of this process forever changed our understanding of time. For the first time in history we could see what our ancestors looked like. Take a look behind the scenes into our world class photograph collection from within our vaults. We currently house more than 3,500 Daguerreotypes, including 1,500 French Daguerrotypes – the largest collection outside France.

Up next, The Collodion Process, The Albumen Print, The Woodburytype, The Platinum Print, and The Gelatin Silver Print.

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