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Get Your Groove On in 2011!

Posted by on Dec 31 2010 | Other

Colorama #285


Photographer: Neil Montanus

Displayed Feb. 13- March 3, 1967

George Eastman House collections 

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Merry Colorama Christmas

Posted by on Dec 24 2010 | Other, Photography

Colorama #213
(Brownie Super 27 camera)
Photographer: Don Marvin
Displayed Nov. 19- Dec. 17, 1962
George Eastman House collections 


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Putting Together a Holiday Tradition

Posted by on Dec 23 2010 | Other

Shari Clement is a Docent and Eastman House Council member who combines her docent experience with greeting and welcoming the community into the Museum’s Visitor Enhancement experience. Among many other activities, Shari is the driving force of what is quickly becoming one of the most popular holiday traditions at the Museum: our Pancakce Breakfast. Our thanks to her for sharing her reflections on this year’s event:

 I really think the two Eastman House Council Pancake Breakfasts this year were the best yet!  The Council is building a tradition within the community by providing a graceful, enchanting opportunity for families to visit with St. Nick and Santa in a beautiful historical home and have fun inside the Museum during the holiday season. The Pancake Team (my nickname for the wonderful council volunteers) have been together for years now and we really have quite a bit to be proud of. We started the Pancake Breakfast fund raisers in the cafe with 44 guests and it has grown to sold-out capacity, with approximately 100 guests each Sunday.  

Shari (fourth from the right) with the Pancake Team.

All the families commented that they feel their celebration with us is a tradition and how they now look forward to this event each year. Of course, with so many photo ops among the holiday displays, taking pictures of these families with their smiles and excitement makes it all worthwhile.

Sometimes, I am asked about being the only person taking reservations and this is what I love most:  each reservation I take is a personal connection to the family coming to visit with us.  I learn about them and the number of children who will be visiting.  We share stories about their visits from past years and I get to brag about the beautiful decorations in the historical home of George Eastman when explaining what we offer.  When we meet and see each other again , I feel as if we are catching up like friends, which is what this fund raiser is all about.  I sincerely appreciate the Museum staff and violunteers that work to make this such a success. Thank you to all of the families who returned and a warm welcome to the new families who joined us this year!  Wishing you all peace, joy and future visits to George Eastman House.

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Celebrating Mark Twain’s 175th Birthday!

Posted by on Nov 30 2010 | History, Motion Pictures, Photography

Today we celebrate the man born as Samuel Clemens who would become one of America’s most famous literary icons.  Likewise, his portraits have also become iconic— capturing a personage and personality that goes hand in hand with our image of the author and cementing his place in popular visual culture.

Alvin Langdon Coburn’s portrait of Mark Twain, ca. 1905

Copyright George Eastman House

Alvin Langdon Coburn’s portrait of Mark Twain shooting pool, ca. 1905

Copyright George Eastman House

The impact of the stories and characters Twain created would of course extend beyond the written word into other media—this is just the kind of thing we have a lot of fun with here as a museum of Photography and Film.

Click here for a clip of our Film Preservation Officer, Anthony L’abbate, discussing the character of Huckleberry Finn in film history during his intro of the 1919 William Desmond Taylor film ‘Huck Finn’.

Film Fans!

For even more on Huck Finn in the movies, check out Anthony’s Blog from the 360/365 George Eastman House Film Festival earlier this year.


For more portraits of famous authors, Click Here.


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We Salute Our Veterans

Posted by on Nov 11 2010 | Other, Photography

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