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Posted by on Nov 06 2014 | contest, Motion Pictures

This Saturday, November 8 at 8 p.m., the Dryden Theatre will present a rare, nitrate screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca (US 1940, 130 min., 35mm).

The first—and best—film adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s classic mystery story was also Alfred Hitchcock’s American directorial debut. Filled with sunlight and shadow, fueled by elegant, pitch-perfect performances from Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders, and Judith Anderson, this version of Rebecca remains unequaled in its moody rendition of how the past can overtake and destroy the present.

We’re celebrating this special screening by giving away our Rebecca poster from the Dryden Theatre lobby. But we’re going to make you earn it! The first person to comment below the correct answer to the following trivia question receives this classic poster plus two tickets to the Dryden Theatre to a film of your choice!


Good luck and see you at the Dryden!

QUESTION: The final scene of Rebecca was filmed with a variable area soundtrack as opposed to the variable density soundtrack of the rest of the film. Why did Hitchcock choose to shoot just this scene in this way?

Please enter your answer in the comment section below.


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Dryden Trivia – Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers

Posted by on May 06 2014 | contest, Motion Pictures

Tonight, the Dryden Theatre screens two of Les Blank’s most loving odes to culinary creativity, Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe and Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers. These two lighthearted yet meticulously composed masterpieces are as endearing as they are interesting.

Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers (Les Blank, US 1980, 51 min., 16mm)

In recognition of the screening, our friends (and fellow Les Blank fans) at the Red Fern restaurant will be featuring delicious garlic-themed dishes beginning on Tuesday, May 6 and running them through Sunday, May 11.
In addition, the Red Fern has generously provided a $30 gift certificate to a lucky Dryden Theatre fan who can answer the following garlic Trivia questions by tomorrow (Wednesday, May 7) at 5 p.m.


Leave your answers in the comments below and we’ll choose a random winner from those with the correct answers. Good luck and don’t foreget to check out the rest of the Les Blank films screening throughout May at the Dryden.

1) When Satan left the Garden of Eden, which foot did garlic appear under?

2) Which ancient culture invoked garlic and onion as deities?

3) Nicholas Culpeper, the English herbalist and botanist, linked garlic with which planet?

4) Bonus question: Why are Vampires scared of garlic?


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Dryden Renovation Series: The Curtain Returns

Posted by on Feb 25 2013 | Motion Pictures, Other


The cosmetic renovations in the theatre are officially completed with the hanging of the curtain. The 2 hour operation went smoothly as they fed the metal wiring through the curtain and fastened it to the beam above the screen. The “Austrian Curtain”, as it is called, is one of only 2 that the crew from Reynold’s Drapery has ever seen. A truly unique curtain.


additional angles from our staff photographer, Barbara Galasso.




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Dryden Theatre Renovation Series: Seats and Projection Booth

Posted by on Feb 14 2013 | Technology

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here: the seats have been fully installed. The seat parts arrived Monday morning and sat in the lobby in boxes as preparations for their installation began. All day Monday holes were drilled through the carpet and the legs of the chairs were bolted in. Working into the night Monday, the backs were attached to the legs throughout the balcony. By 12:00 p.m. Tuesday, the backs and seat cushions had all been installed and the seat numbers were stapled in. Barbara Galasso, our in-house photographer,  took some great photos of the seat installation and of the finished product.

Installation of the digital projector has begun. The Barco projector was delivered on Monday. Installing it into the booth however, is not an easy process. Before anything could begin Chief Projectionist Dave Rodriguez and the team from Boston Light and Sound, a company devoted to designing entertainment centers, specializing in projection booth maintenance and installations, had to wait until the chairs were completely installed to avoid damage to the projectors currently in there from dust. Once the chairs were finished (early Wednesday morning) work in the projection booth began. There are a number of factors in the installation process. The projector must be connected to the equipment currently in the booth and allow the continuation of the use of the other projection systems without obstructing the process. With the rather large size of the digital projector and the limited space in the booth, it is a bit of a puzzle to figure out how everything will fit, yet Dave and the BL&S crew are up to the challenge and rearrangement of the booth equipment is already in progress. Once everything is in place, the projector will need to be calibrated, focused, and color balanced and they will be testing the projector for the remainder of the week and into next.

We now have three projection systems: the new Barco digital projector (allowing us to show the newest DCP releases as well as DCP restorations of classic films), the Kinoton projectors (which have served us over the past 6 years as we’ve screened 35mm and 16mm), and of course the Century projectors (which have served us for 60 years, enabling us to screen Nitrate film—we are one of only four theaters in the country to be able to do so).

Another exciting installation taking place, also by BL&S, is the rigging of motors for the automatic adjustable masking. Four motors, one behind each corner of the screen, will be operated by controls in the booth. When activated they can automatically bring the masking to the desired aspect ratio.

Although the pictures are great, they really don’t compare to physically being in the theatre. We look forward to seeing all of you in our new theatre and the reactions you will have as you enter.

More on the Dryden Theatre Renovation:
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Dryden Theatre Renovation Series: Stage and Carpet

Posted by on Feb 06 2013 | Motion Pictures

Freshly stained stage

The theater really seems to be coming together. This past week the stage was refinished with a beautiful black matte finish (and will match nicely with the curtain). The texture of the wood is still very much visible and the stage itself looks like new. Along with the staining the electric circuits in the stage were completely repaired and carpeting will be attached along the edges next week.

A new feature you will no doubt notice upon our reopening in March will be the advancement of the first row. The front row on the floor will be much closer to the stage than before allowing for more space between the rows behind and therefore allowing them to yield more leg room. So for those of you sitting in this row on March 2, you’ll be only a few feet from Alexander Payne during his Q&A!

LED aisle strips install

The theater trim has been painted red and the carpet has been laid down on the ground floor. While the painting was a simple task that took about one day, the carpeting of the balcony is a much more arduous process and is expected to take the entirety of next week.The back stairways have been completely carpeted and the noticeable differences include a dampened sound and a much softer feel underneath your sneakers.

Carpet install

The final step of the staircase in the balcony has been heightened and extended creating a landing on the balcony. The result is surprising. This has created more space for the aisle rows near the front and allows for more room to move once you get to the balcony.

I had the privilege of visiting the projection booth in progress. The floor has all new tile and the walls have been repainted. It is exciting to witness the careful preparation for the digital projector and the care that is being taken to keep our film projection equipment in the best possible condition.

We are still inviting anyone who purchased seats to send us pictures of their new home. You can send them directly to me at kresnick@geh.org or you can post them on our Dryden Facebook Page.

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