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Amy Schelemanow is the Publications Manager/Creative Director for the George Eastman House International Museum of photography and film.

My Favorite Piece in the Collection (for today at least)

Posted by on Oct 29 2012 | Photography

I started working at Eastman House in 1992 straight out of the MFA photography program at RIT. As a part of that education I had acquired the knowledge of the history of photography as defined by Rosenblum and Newhall and was thrilled to be working in our Museum’s exhibitions department, handling and protecting what, to me, were the most precious images ever made.

My artistic tastes lean to modern and often to constructivist works. But, hands down, what took my breath away was the Museum’s tiny little print of Lewis Hines über-iconic Power House Mechanic. That print epitomized all that I had learned and worked toward. It took my breath away.

Lewis Wickes Hine, Power House Mechanic, (78:0999:0013), 1920

I’ve been captivated by many collection objects as I’ve served in various positions over the last 20 years. My favorites change based on the same things that yours might — I’ve just have the privilege of seeing and being influenced by lots of them. A (very) few of my favorites have been:

Frederick Evans’, Kelmscott Manor, Attics, (81:1198:0005), ca. 1897


Irving S. Underhill’s, Wrenches, (79:1994:0313MP), ca. 1915

Lázló Moholy-Nagy’s, Massenpsychose (Mass Psychosis), (81:2163:0049), ca. 1927

Those images and others by Frantisek Drtikol, Margaret Bourke White, E. J. Bellocq, and more…

I am also constantly inspired by the variety of detail and am soothed by the harmony of pattern in the Museum’s largest collection object — Mr. Eastman’s mansion.

But for the last few years one seldom-seen image has been my favorite. I “discovered” it while doing research for a report a few years ago. It has never been far from my thoughts since.

Edward Steichen. Silk Design (spectacles), 1926. Gelatin silver print. Bequest of Edward Steichen by direction of Joanna T. Steichen. Photograph collection. (1979:2421:0007)

There’s all sort of buzz surrounding the recent appointment of Bruce Barnes as the Museum’s director and he’s been talking a lot in the media and to staff about his goals for Eastman House. One of those goals has resonated with me the most: making a larger portion of the Museum’s collections available for viewing online.  I’m looking forward to working with fellow staff members to achieve that goal. It will allow everyone to enjoy the collections in new ways and to discover more of your “favorites”.  That will be a really wonderful thing to be part of.

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Films & Events Redesign

Posted by on May 04 2012 | Other

May/June 2012

Last year, when the Museum’s two bi-monthly publications were merged into one the need to save funds and the wish to make varieties of content available to our many audiences necessitated quick action. Unfortunately there wasn’t a great deal of time to plan. The intent was to make changes as issues progressed and many who receive the publication were quite patient as Films & Events evolved.

For about the last six months, staff from the Communications and Visitor Engagement, Motion Picture, and Development departments have been meeting regularly in a conference room on the 2nd floor of the house to discuss a much-desired overhaul of Films & Events. Discussions centered around what to include (and exclude), the best format for delivery of the most interesting content, and how the publication could best serve our current and potential members as well as the Museum’s mission. All of the discussion was fed by the enormous amount of feedback we’ve received about our publications from members and readers in the extended Eastman House family.

That joint team is pleased to be launching the new version of Films & Events with the May/June 2012 issue. You’ll find that the new publication’s tighter language and more-fluid magazine layout allows for expanded content in the form of features, profiles, behind-the-scenes info, and highlights of recent online posting. The goal of this F&E (as we call it in-house) is to engage our audiences in more creative and interesting ways and increase flexibility of content — all while not significantly increasing the associated costs or adding to staff time.

You can still get Films & Events mailed to your home, a benefit of Museum membership and a subscription to the bi-monthly publication is now included with each purchase of a Dryden Theatre Take-10 pass. Additionally you’ll be able to read e-versions of each issue on the publications page that can be found under “The Museum” in the top navigation bar at

In the mean time, here is a link to the first issue. We welcome your feedback at And on behalf of the staff thank you, as always, for your interest and support.

Amy Schelemanow is the Publications Manager/Creative Director and is managing editor of Eastman House’s publications Films & Events and Image magazine. Her work for George Eastman House has won numerous regional and national awards. Additionally, Schelemanow has been an adjunct instructor at Rochester Institute of Technology and designs exposure the journal of the Society for Photographic Education.

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