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Ryan Donahue is the Manager of Information Systems for the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film. He loves Flickr, his Dogs, and the First Photograph of Lightning.

Picturing Rochester : Behind the Scenes

Posted by on Jun 29 2009 | Behind The Scenes

One of the first meetings I attended at George Eastman House was an exhibition meeting for the community participation section of the 2006 exhibition  Why Look at Animals?


It was at this meeting that it was decided  email would be the way people gave us their photographs. It seemed like a reasonable way to do it. And it is, if the number of submissions is, say, 40, or even 100. But when you get 1,000 or more submissions, suddenly the notion of downloading 1,000 picture-laden emails, reformatting every one to conform to a common format, printing it out, and attaching it to the wall becomes daunting. Continue Reading »

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Megalethoscope Madness

Posted by on Jun 18 2009 | Behind The Scenes

One of my favorite parts of working at George Eastman House is getting to see all of the wonderful collection objects.  This may sound somewhat obvious, but until on any given day you can go and look at a megalethoscope slide, an original Kodak  Brownie camera, or the Sackville West album,  you  haven’t  discovered the meaning of the word distraction.  

That being said, I come to you today with two distractions to share.

The first, some meta-photography relating to Jessica’s post on megalethoscopes, taken by our photographer, Barbara Galasso.

Box o' megalethoscope slides ready to go.

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Photo Festival NYC 2009!

Posted by on May 14 2009 | Other, Photography

So we headed out (bright and early) to Brooklyn this morning for a big reception where we’ll be going over just a few of the things we’re doing online.


Waiting for the Airport Taxi

The Plane

Finally, NYC.
Finally, NYC

Arrival at the Powerhouse Arena
Arrival at the reception site.
The scene for the reception we're hosting tonight.
The Powerhouse Arena.

The sights around the Powerhouse Arena.
The sights around the arena.

All photographs by Ryan Donahue.

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