Silver and Water Opens

Posted by on Feb 08 2013 | Photography

Silver and Water opens this weekend at the museum. The exhibit contains 19 large format black and white gelatin silver prints and a 16mm video. One of the pieces in the gallery that immediately caught my attention is an image submerged in a large pond of water in the middle of the space. Over time the image will begin to disintegrate – as the emulsion softens the silver will lift up to create a new kind of negative, right in front of our eyes.


Silver and Water is an installation by Los Angeles artist Lauren Bon and her Metabolic Studio Optics Division.  The prints were created by the Liminal Camera, a life size pinhole camera –find out more.



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    Lisa Kribs-LaPierre is the former Manager of Online Engagement at the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film.

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