Photo Finish 5K 2012 – Make A Difference

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By Adriane Smith, Race Founder’s Circle and Eastman Young Professionals Steering Board

When I visit George Eastman House, I love to look at Mr. Eastman’s oak box full of index cards recording all of his charitable contributions. George Eastman was a great philanthropist and wanted to make Rochester, N.Y. the best place to live and work.

During his life he supported organizations concerned with health and wellness, culture, education, and more. Today, the charitable investments he made are still at the foundation of many organizations in Rochester and beyond.

It is George Eastman’s generous spirit of philanthropy that inspires the George Eastman House PhotoFinish 5K. In the PhotoFinish 5K, everybody can be a philanthropist. Everybody can invest themselves in the cause they feel most passionate about. And everybody can make a meaningful difference. The PhotoFinish 5K is a community wide event with participants donating and raising money for over 40 nonprofits—with concerns from education to health to culture to animals to music and anything in between.

You can join an existing team or start a new one for your own favorite nonprofit; fundraising is open through October. So many people coming together to support so many amazing causes truly exemplifies the vision George Eastman had for our community. This Saturday, runners and walkers will gather to celebrate George Eastman’s legacy of philanthropy. Come celebrate with us and together let’s make Rochester the best place to live and work.

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    Lisa Kribs-LaPierre is the former Manager of Online Engagement at the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film.

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