Retina Camera Research

Posted by on Aug 13 2012 | Exploring the Archive, History, Photography

Some interesting research happening at Eastman House – David Jentz of the Retina Historical Society is here, along with co-researcher, Dr. Klaus-Peter Roesner of Germany looking at our Retina cameras, accessories, and literature in the collection. Mr. Jentz is a well known authority on the Retina camera and has lectured and published numerous articles.

Here are some examples of the cameras they’re spending time with.

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    Todd Gustavson is the curator of technology at George Eastman House, working with the collection for more than 20 years.

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    1. Thanks for the post! For my money the Retina cameras are among the very best ever produced. I have always owned at least one and there were timers when I had many. One of mu very favorite was the Retina IIIs Rangefinder which which I made candid portraits on the New York City Subway. the shutter was unbelievably quiet and the 35 2.8 Retina-Curtagon lens created an image on film with sharpness and subtlety. These images can be seen here. All shot with Tri-X and Developed in D-76…. Thanks… Chris Schwer

      13 Aug 2012 at 1:09 pm