Tony Bannon’s 16 years: Part 3

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We are celebrating Tony Bannon’s final weeks as director with a look at 16 successes over his 16 years. Today we share three more …

7) The Eastman Legacy

Kathy Connor, Curator of the George Eastman Legacy Collection, and

Amy Kinsey, the Nancy R. Turner Landscape Curator

Public access to the personal and business archives of George Eastman was opened in 1999 with the creation of the George Eastman Archive & Study Center, which is open to the public on site and can be accessed worldwide on the Internet. That same year the first endowment for the historic house and surrounding grounds was established, following the successful House & Garden Campaign. Key restoration projects include the bedroom of Eastman’s mother and the front lawn and backyard fence was rehabilitated using original plans. Eastman’s contributions to Rochester and the world were highlighted in 2004 with the exhibition The Remarkable George Eastman, much of it on view today on the mansion’s second floor. And the Eastman Archive has been made richer with the acquisition of the Kodak advertising collection as well as original artifacts from his niece’s family, with whom Tony and the Museum have fostered close ties.”

Eastman House acquired the Kodak advertising collection, totaling more than 100,000 print ads, during Tony Bannon's tenure.


8 ) Photography Acquisitions

Dr. Alison Nordström, Senior Curator of Photographs, Director of Exhibitions, and USA Director of the George Eastman House/Ryerson University MA in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management:

Major acquisitions in the last 16 years for which Tony played a key role include Kodak’s Colorama collection, the Roger Merton collection, the last roll of Kodachrome from Steve McCurry, and the Edward Steichen estate — including two rare Steichen autochromes personally acquired for the collection by Tony . Also, during Tony’s time the Museum has experienced its highest-attended exhibitions in its 64-year history.

A 1908 autochrome by Edward Steichen, acquired for the collection by Tony Bannon.

9) Online Global Reach/Education

Roxana Aparicio Wolfe, curator of education and online communities

In these 16 years, we have reinforced our dedication to arts-in-education partnerships and services. In Rochester, this has been through our long-standing involvement in the V.I.T.A.L. (Visual Integration of Technology Arts and Language) program and a focus on teacher training, as well as our summer photography camps. We’ve seen the impact of technology as a means to shape and increase how our audiences access our resources far beyond our doors, even earning top honors from the American Association of Museums for our podcasts. Tony has enthusiastically supported our web and social-media efforts, recognizing the role the Museum has to interpret, serve, and engage.


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