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Posted by on Oct 17 2011 | Photography

By Mark Allen, Guest Blogger and Clickworker General Manager.

As a photo junky, I’m always interested in the works of the masters. The Ansel Adams and Jacob Riis’ of the world. That’s why I’m excited that Clickworker has the opportunity to take on the George Eastman House collection as our biggest pro bono project ever. Not only does George Eastman House hold collections from some of the most important photographers in the U.S., but also has become a go-to for international, historical, and documentary images from all over the world since the beginning of photography.

Nickolas Muray, Marilyn Monroe, 1952

Lewis Hine, Empire State Building Construction Worker Touching The Top Of The Chrysler Building, 1930


Though the extent of my own photographic experience has yet to go beyond vacation and cute dog photos, I can appreciate the scope, quality and documentation that the greats bring to the canon of photography. In short – photo museums are awesome. And what’s even better with this project is as our crowd of 120,000 clickworkers tag the more than 400,000 images, they become even more searchable and available online for researchers, enthusiasts, students – anyone! It is truly a perfect partnership to showcase our international services and, as a result, the world will have a more accessible visual library.

To get involved please register as a clickworker here.




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    Dresden Engle is the Public Relations Manager for George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film.

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