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Like many of you, I was closely watching our Live Benefit Auction at the Metropolitan Pavillion in NYC Monday night…seeing months and months of work by my colleagues unfold into an incredible event. Also like many of you, I wasn’t there ‘live’…and am still on the hunt for amazing photography.  Luckily our Online Auction is still on!

Not too surprisingly, yes, I am in a New York State of Mind… and as much as I could not put the Auction Catalog down, I now find myself regularly browsing igavel. I’ve been spending alot of time in particular with works that hold the monuments, mood and memory of my former city. The hardest problem will be deciding which one:

 Cori Pepelnjak, JoJo, Untitled (Off Duty Cab), 2009

Except for the blond hair and all the pink this could be me!…(ok, maybe a few years ago)



Helen K. Garber, Flat Iron Building, 1997
Pigment print mounted onto a wood panel and coated with beeswax(!) Yes, I own the New York ‘Then and Now’ book from that series, and love how Garber’s image transforms 1997 into ‘Old New York’ again. Which of course gets me all nostalgic when I stumble upon J.S. Johnston’s, ‘Four New York City Views’, 1893-1897 (two scenes below)  

and IRT Subway Construction, Union Square, 1902 by an unknown photographer.


I go from the Bronx…


Charles Johnstone, St. Mary\’s Playground East, Bronx, NY, 2008

…to ‘Yonkeros’ in Queens:

Jaime Permuth, Untitled, 2010


Four views of two icons. First from Suzanne Vlamis…

View From Liberty’s Crown, 1984

Twin Towers Aerial #1, 1979

…forever linked with that still-unimaginable day:

Pictometry, Statue of Liberty, Sept 11, 2001

Pictometry, We will never forget, 2001



Neal Slavin, Times Square Boogie Woogie, 2009

Have tripped on these steps (and they weren’t even wet)…  thought I had seen just about every kind of interesting view of Times Square before stumbling upon this wonderful photograph.


Ahron Foster, Out of the Gates, East Drive at 61st 2/26/05, 4:00 pm, 2005

A few days before they took them down, I was in town for a meeting at the Museum of Modern Art. Right around 4:00 pm, facing rush-hour and already late for a flight out of JFK, I still remember RUNNING over to Central Park just to walk under the gates one more time.







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