Eastman House Travel Photography Series and Exhibition Photographers at 2011 Benefit Auction

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As was the case last year, we are sure you will notice some very familiar faces to the Museum in the 2011 Benefit Auction. Our Wish You Were Here Travel Photography Series continues to be one of our most popular lecture offerings, and we’ve been thrilled to revisit the work of some of our recent exhibitors who have garnered high praise and engaged our audiences.


 Wish You Were Here  series speakers

John Isaac, Studying Together, Karachi, Pakistan, 1981

Featured in our Online AuctionSeries Speaker, 2010. VIEW


Burt Glinn, Untitled [Elizabeth Taylor in Segaro, Spain on set of Suddenly Last Summer], 1959

Featured in our Online Auction. Series Speaker, 2005.


 Doug Menuez, Friends, Rakai Home, Uganda, 2006

Featured in our Online Auction. Series Speaker, 2009.


Todd Hido, #2552, 1999Series Speaker, 2011 VIEW

Larry Towell, Isaac’s First Swim, Lambton County, ON, Canada, 1996Series Speaker, 2006

Denis Defibaugh, Birds of paradise, Veracruz, Mexico, 2011 Series Speaker, 2006

Ed Kashi, City of the Dead, Cario, 1993Series Speaker, 2008 LISTEN IN

Douglas Kirkland, Coco Chanel, 1962Series Speaker, 2010.

Phyllis Galembo, Mami Wata Masqueade, Alok village, Nigeria, 2004 . Series Speaker, 2008. Exhibition: West African Masquerade: Photographs by Phyllis Galembo


Exhibition Photographers

Steve McCurry, Rabari Man with Henna Beard, Rajasthan, India, 2010

Featured in our Live Auction. Series Speaker, 2002 & 2005. Exhibition:  The Last Roll of Kodachrome, 2011. BLOG  VIEW 


Eastman Kodak Company: Sam Campanaro and Marty Czamanske, Fifteen Babies (Colorama #510), June 25, 1984

Featured in our LIVE AUCTION. Read this Colorama BLOG.


Roger Ballen, Boy Under Lamp, 2001.

Featured in our Online Auction. Exhibition: Roger Ballen: PHOTOGRAPHS 1982-2009, 2010.  VIEW


 Larry Merrill, Tree, Central Park, 2008

Featured in our Online Auction. Exhibition:  Larry Merrill: Looking at Trees, 2011.



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