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Go ahead, be jealous. I DO have the best job in the world.  How many other people can spend three days looking at 82 booths bursting with photographs and call it “work”?

It's the first day of AIPAD 2011 ...

 I’m in New York City for the annual AIPAD photography show at the Armory on Park Avenue. AIPAD is the Association of International Photography Art Dealers, and the fair brings dealers from around the world to New York City to sell everything from the finest vintage photographs to head-turning contemporary work.  Dealers bring what they think will sell, and each year their selection differs.

I have been to AIPAD shows in which I saw the same photograph in ten different booths; that’s not the case this year.  Yes, if you are looking for Ansel Adams’ “Moonrise Over Hernandez” or one of Aaron Siskind’s images from his Levitation series, you will have several places to compare prices. But by and large, there’s not a great deal of replication this year, and that makes for an interesting exhibition. 

Vintage photography "rules" at AIPAD.

Yes, vintage rules at AIPAD, but there are contemporary highlights to be sure. One of the first booths you’ll see is that of the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, pictured here. Bryce’s gallery, located in Chelsea, represents artists from the Helsinki School, many of whom are incorporating new technologies into their photographic work, with great success.

Contemporary work showcased at AIPAD


Thousands are gathering today at the AIPAD fair.

Fun, too, to see the work of friends of George Eastman House on display. The Weinstein Gallery is featuring the work of Alec Soth, the Monroe Gallery is presenting the work  Steven Wilkes, Steve McCurry is well-represented by the Fetterman Gallery, and there are four galleries showing Alex Webb’s work – all these photographers have lectured at Eastman House in recent years. And the Julia Saul Gallery is exhibiting the work of Debbie Grossman, a native of Rochester whose photographic career is really taking off. 

For those interested in photographs as historical documents, there are few better places to be this weekend than AIPAD, where you can find photographs from the Civil War through the present day. A couple galleries, including Gallery 339 and Galerie Priska Pasquer, are sharing the work of contemporary Japanese photographers.  In fact, at Galerie Priska Pasquer, proceeds from sales of the work of Lieko Shiga are being donated to Japanese relief efforts.  Shiga’s home and studio were destroyed last week in the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Sort of puts it all in perspective…. 

 Back to the show … if you’re here, hope you’ll say hello!

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