The Mother Lode of Entertainment at this Year’s Awards

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The producers of this year’s Academy Awards® ceremony have come up with a brilliant strategy.  In addition to reaching out to a younger audience, Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer want to include moms more.   After all, who doesn’t think of moms in the midst of all that Oscar® cleavage and tomfoolery?  And it’s not just the cutesy mom-as-date role.  They are inviting mothers of nominees, who they call “mominees” (yes, “mominees;” it’s so bad I shuttered to repeat it), to participate in the 90 minute pre-show festivities. They’ll be asked to share stories about their sons and daughters.   And – here’s the kicker – they announced Monday during the Oscar® nominees’ luncheon that they are asking moms to tweet.  Helena Bonham Carter’s mom already volunteered: “Yes, of course I will do it if they tell me what a tweet is.”

Oh, lordy. Moms tweeting. I don’t know how savvy your mom’s social networking skills are, but if my and Bonham Carter’s moms are any indication, this will be a real treat.  (Notice I passed on the “real tweet” pun. I thought “mominees” was more than enough pun for one blog post.)  My mom, who recently joined Facebook, writes the longest comments ever. And she signs them. I’m surprised there aren’t stops in there like a telegram.  I love my mom, but there is no way I would give her unfettered access to tweet away about me now, let alone if I was famous and nominated for an Oscar®.

Join us February 27 to celebrate the 83rd Academy Awards® at the annual George Eastman House Academy Awards® Party and tweet yourself to a mother lode of entertainment.

  • @portmanmom at #Oscars. Very fancy. Kidman looks way too skinny. She should have eaten something before the ceremony.
  • @momtobonhamcarter Annette Benning is gay?
  • @firthmum Loved my son’s performance. He must have been nervous because he stuttered a little.
  • @Balemummy That hiker lad’s arm is back!

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