Let Hathaway and Franco Entertain You at Eastman House

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In case you still haven’t heard, James Franco and Anne Hathaway will be hosting this year’s Academy Awards® ceremony.  Holy hotness, Batman. The Oscars® are known for some interesting host choices; some better than others.  Last year they seemed to step-up the host entertainment value by having Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin share the emcee responsibilities.  Safe, yet entertaining for the typical traditional ceremony viewer.  But never have they handed the host duties to such young Hollywood hot commodities.  Franco and Hathaway are two of the most sought-after A list celebrities.  The pair are among the young in-demand actors gracing the cover of Vanity Fair’s 2011 Hollywood issue.  I already blogged about films like “The Social Network” and accessible actors like Jesse Eisenberg (who is also on that Vanity Fair cover) bringing the Academy Awards® ceremony to an audience that typically has not tuned in. The choice of Hathaway and Franco was a brilliant one that will widen the appeal of the traditional awards show.  Some people may watch with the sound off hoping that Hathaway will do something nude, but they’ll be tuning in.

Hathaway isn’t an Oscar® ceremony newbie.  She did a kitschy song-and-dance bit with Hugh Jackman when he was the host in 2009.   It was well-received, which can be a hard thing to achieve at a ceremony.  Hathaway is pretty entertaining and self-deprecatingly funny when hosting Saturday Night Live.  She can be dorky.  She doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously and people like to see beautiful people who can be funny and dorky.   And female Oscar® hosts have been few and far between, so I’m happy to see another woman step up to the plate.

Franco is known for being incredibly smart, handsome and quirky all in the same breath.  His announcement that he will teach a course for editing students at Columbia College Hollywood based on his own career is proof enough. (Yes, I said “based on his own career.”)  I love Franco and think his unique weirdness will be a good counterbalance to all the hubbub surrounding Hathaway’s decision to participate in all the über nakedness of “Love and Other Drugs.”

Join us next Sunday February 27 to celebrate the 83rd Academy Awards® at the annual George Eastman House Academy Awards® Party.  The awards show will be broadcast (with the sound on) in the Dryden Theater.  It will be a little chilly to pay homage to Anne Hathaway by wearing only your birthday suit, so clothing is required.

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