The Wonders of the Gingerbread World

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The inspiration for my Pyramids of Egypt gingerbread for Sweet Creations 2010 comes from my Mother.  As a young child, I had the good fortune of my Mother teaching me how to cook. She always stressed the importance of understanding the basic principles of cooking along with having patience for the whole process. With her guidance, I grew up to have a career in food service. Often  I will call her and let her know what I have just created.  I always thank her for giving me the gift of “culinary knowledge.”

Timothy’s creation, featuring ‘Gingerbread Mummies’.

For my Pyramids of Egypt Sweet Creation, I made a “test” gingerbread man mummy.  I wanted to make sure the phyllo casing would hold up to a month of exposure at the Eastman House. When I pulled the first mummy out if the oven, the first thing I did was called my mother to let her know what I had just made. Not only did the mummy look cute, gingerbread with added butter and sugar tasted pretty good.

I made the ancient Pyramids of Egypt on behalf of the Membership of the Eastman House— because Memberships help preserve the collections for an eternity!

Editor’s note: we love how creative our gingerbread makers are every year…and have seen some pretty interesting themes. Here are a few from this year’s display:

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Famous Landmarks Holiday Traditional

To see more Museum images, visit our Museum Photographer’s Flickr Photostream.

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