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As we enter the last month of our Colorama exhibition at the Museum, we’d like to share some of the stories people have sent us about their own connection to these images— and the times they captured (and manufactured) of a by-gone era. Over the next four weeks, we’ll be blogging some of our favorites entries to close out the exhibit. This one comes from Dr. Suzi Campanaro, daughter of the photographer:

The Baby Picture Colorama will always be my favorite!

No matter what’s going around you, no matter what life issues you’re dealing with, no matter what mood you’re in …the baby picture MAKES you stop and smile!

So proud that my nephew Evan was one of the adorable models in the picture!(28 years ago!)
Even more proud that my father Sam Campanaro snapped the infamous shot!
He was and always will be an inspiration to the lives he touched through the years with his pictures!

Thank you to the Eastman House for letting the public enjoy all the coloramas again.
Congratulations to all the models and photographers for making us smile!

…and this one from VickiJo Claire:

What a wonderful experience to be part of the famous baby picture. We still try to keep track of those beautiful babies who are 26 years old this year. My how time flies. I can’t believe that that picture is still up and in circulation making many people smile in nurseries , bus stations , doctors offices, and gift shops around the world.   Thank you Sam…. , Dad, Peeps( as his many grandchildren call him )…. We love you!

…and finally, from ‘proud dad’, Barry Fitzgerald:

It is with fond memory that I look back on the day that my daughter Christine was selected to be one of the “Kodak Kids” back in the 80′s shortly after she arrived in  our home from Korea.. Although I am sure the photography time at Kodak Office was more then a little trying for my wife while they tried to get the  infants to hold still for that one picture and others to come but the outcome was well worth the effort as she and I  took a great deal of pride in not only seeing the picture with our daughter in it but hearing about it from our friends and strangers as it gave us a chance to brag about our little girl to who ever would listen.Sam Campanaro was the photographer . He was a true gentlemen who always spoke fondly of his kids even years later  and remembered then all name . I had the picture hanging in my office at Kodak for 30+ years and it never stopped getting positive comments. Christine is an attorney now in California who has continued to make me proud of her now just as she did in each photo session when she was little .

Don’t forget to check out our Colorama Story Facebook page for videos of the Colorama photographers, models, and friends sharing their memories (coming Sept. 24th), to browse images from the exhibition, and to post your own story.

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