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Posted by on Oct 01 2010 | Photography

Our popular Wish You Were Here Travel Photography Lecture Series is celebrating 10 years with the beginning of a new season next month. While looking over the list of the more than 60 photographers who have spoken to our audiences at the Museum, I couldn’t help but notice how many of these artists were generous contributors to our Benefit Auction.

I know those of you who have been transported around the globe during their talks will recognize some of these names:

John Sexton, Steve McCurry, Ed Kashi, John Pfahl, Douglas Kirkland, Sally Mann, Larry Towell, Elliot Erwitt, Jonathan Moller, Gerd Ludwig, Joel Meyerowitz, Ben Fernandez, Chris Usher, Denis Defibaugh, David Plowden, Teru Kuwayama, John Divola, Douglas Menuez, Sylvia Plachy, and Stephen Wilkes.

Todd Hido, #2632, 1996. From the series Househunting.

And for everyone who has seen Andrew Moore and Todd Hido’s amazing photographs, they are also representing at the Auction and will both be at Eastman House this fall/winter as part of the series.

Editor’s Note:  You can read more about Andrew Moore in Olivia\’s August 10th blog.

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    Olivia Arnone is Auction Coordinator for the George Eastman House Benefit Auction.

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