End-of-Summer in the Gardens

Posted by on Sep 14 2010 | House & Gardens

At the Museum, we maintain nearly 200 different herbaceous perennials in the gardens. A herbaceous perennial is a winter hardy plant that dies back to the ground each year and lives more than two years. In late summer, we collect seed from some and divide others to maintain a healthy collection— and tomorrow participants spend three hours in my garden class learning how it’s done.

Here’s a look at some examples from around our grounds:





In the following two weeks, students will also be learning about pruning of woody plants and year-end garden maintenance. Yes, it’s that time of year!

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    Amy Kinsey, the Nancy R. Turner Landscape Curator at George Eastman House, has studied horticulture (Univ. of Maryland), plant genetics (Univ. of Birmingham, UK), and landscape architecture with a concentration in historic cultural landscape preservation (SUNY-ESF). She has worked for National Capitol Parks in Washington, DC, and the Agricultural Research Station in Beltsville, MD.

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