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When word of our benefit auction reached public ears, Susan Spiritus  [of the Susan Spiritus Gallery] immediately rose to the occasion with momentous and sincere enthusiasm. She rallied her gallery artists to donate, helped spread the word on Facebook and Twitter, and no sooner did photographs begin arriving at George Eastman House.  She volunteered a print from her personal collection, by none other than the acclaimed printmaker Thomas Barrow, in addition to coordinating donations of the works of 17 artists, totaling 18 photographs that are the backbone of our online auction (which runs from Sept 27 – Oct 7 at

 As I look through all of the works by artists who are represented by Spiritus, I notice I love them all, perhaps because I am partial to images with an “organic” or “natural” theme, which seems to be the common thread. Natural can mean nature, like this elegant image of sand dunes in Colorado titled Orchestral Winds, by Adrian Davis.

Organic can translate into materials used by a photographer, such as Celine Wu’s image PB 10 (Presence in Between), which is printed on traditional handmade Japanese washi paper (which also uses nature in a metaphorical sense to communicate a state of mind).

A luscious Cibachrome print by Christopher Burkett, was highlighted in an earlier blog post because I sincerely love it. Christopher Burkett is considered a master of this printing technique, in which images are exposed using color transparencies (or slides), thus producing pure, saturated colors.            

This contemporary and gorgeously scientific Xrayograph titled Nasturtium (2004) is by Albert Koetsier who works solely with this process, which usurps the Xray as a portal for artistic image making. They can’t help but pay tribute to Dr. Dain Tasker who is credited as the first to recognize the creative potential of this applied science in the 1930s.

Other notable “organic” permutation is this beautifully hand painted gelatin silver print by Dar Spain, titled A Plate of Pears (2007).

These are only a few of the fantastic works featured in the online auction. Ms. Spiritus extended her time and good will to help us, and there are few words, other than Thank you, that could express our sincere gratitude!

To see more featured donations from the Susan Spiritus Gallery, visit our auction site.

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    Olivia Arnone is Auction Coordinator for the George Eastman House Benefit Auction.

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