Celebrating Kodacolor

Posted by on Jul 30 2010 | House & Gardens, Motion Pictures

Today marks the 82nd Anniversary of the now famous Kodacolor party,  in which George Eastman and Thomas Edison announced “home movies in color” to the world.

One of the more frequently asked questions at the George Eastman House is about the relationship between Eastman and Edison. Were they friends or just business associates? Answering the question usually includes a description of the July 30, 1928 Kodacolor party— as it is one of the major press events both attended.

Eastman regularly used his own home and garden as a site for major press announcements but this was one of the grandest he ever orchestrated. Everyone who was anyone in the media at the time and scientists, educators and community leaders were invited to George Eastman’s Terrace garden to learn about his company’s new product Kodacolor (the first amateur color home movie system).

Eastman and Edison, who collaborated on the invention of motion picture film, stood side-by-side in the Terrace Garden filming their guests during the event. After dinner, screens were erected and the new Kodacolor images shot earlier that day were projected. The impact of the screening made headlines around the world. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, click here to roll it again!

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    Kathy Connor is the Curator of the George Eastman Legacy Collection. She oversees the care & maintenance of George Eastman's 50 room Colonial Revival mansion & the George Eastman Archive which contains over 162,000 other artifacts that tell the history of the Eastman Kodak Company and its founder George Eastman. Connor joined the museum staff in 1982 as the museum's Education & Volunteer coordinator.

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