Student….and future president

Posted by on Jun 08 2010 | Other, Photography

Do you recognize this guy?

Recently, in an event I can think of no better way to describe than serendipitous, I was opening a parcel from M + B Gallery for the upcoming George Eastman House auction which contained this very photograph. As I uncovered the print, President Obama’s voice came through my office computer speakers in an address to the nation on NPR. Instant goosebumps! Who would have thought back in 1980 that this young charismatic man hamming it up for the camera would become president?

The photographer, Lisa Jack, is now a psychologist who never imagined that these images would see the light of day. Who knew? Lesson learned: you never know when you could be capturing the likes of a future president, so save your photographs!

And in case you haven’t seen it yet, take a minute and check out M + B Gallery’s collection of the entire Barack Obama, Occidental College, 1980 photo session here:

I’ll be posting my next auction blog soon… let’s see what will cross my desk by then!

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    Olivia Arnone is Auction Coordinator for the George Eastman House Benefit Auction.

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