Elephant Headrush

Posted by on May 18 2010 | House & Gardens

For those of us with offices in the house, it was a sight to see the Conservatory cleared out and a team of workers climbing up around the room’s most standout feature, the elephant head.  Not that too many of us stuck around to watch much of the 5-hour repair… there was a lingering odor of epoxy that made us pretty grateful this process happens only once every 20 years.

Nevertheless our House Curator, Kathy Connor, was diligent— spending most of her day tending to the crew. She says “it was a fascinating experience to watch them…I don’t usually think of ‘taxidermy’ as an art form, but they were artists in the use of their tools of the trade.”

Job well done guys!

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    Roxana Aparicio Wolfe is the Curator of Education and Online Communities at George Eastman House.

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