In the Garden with Beaumont

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Eastman House is holding its annual plant sale tomorrow, which reminds me of some photographs a colleague shared with me recently.  The images show renowned Eastman House Curator and Director, Beaumont Newhall standing on the grounds of Eastman House, amongst some gorgeous tree peony specimens.

The images reveal the East Garden before it was restored to Mr. Eastman’s original design. During the restoration this spectacular row of tree peonies were dug up and donated to the Rochester City Parks Department. I hear that some of them may have ended up in Highland Park, and I just  might go looking for them! In the meantime, I will be at the plant sale tomorrow, where I am planning to buy a tree peony of my own.

Color slides, around 1962, by William Gratwick, an artist and tree peony hybrizer, who was a good friend of Newhall and the museum.  Images courtesy Roger Bruce.

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    Jessica Johnston is an Assistant Curator in the Department of Photographs at George Eastman House. She manages numerous exhibitions and projects at the museum including our recent participation on the Flickr Commons.

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