Tulips and Hyacinths and Daffodils, Oh My!

Posted by on Oct 19 2009 | Other

Every fall volunteers gather in the Eastman House barn to plant bulbs in preparation for the upcoming winter’s Dutch Connection!  This year we had a great turnout and can’t wait to see the bulbs come to life in 2010.


Inspired by a bulb order placed by Mr. Eastman over 100 years ago, this yearly offering of flowers in Feburary is a welcome respite from the Rochester winter. It features more than 2,000 tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, freesias, and amaryllis in bloom in the Eastman House conservatory.  



Please think about becoming a member or volunteering at George Eastman House!

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    Jessica Johnston is an Assistant Curator in the Department of Photographs at George Eastman House. She manages numerous exhibitions and projects at the museum including our recent participation on the Flickr Commons.

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