Megalethoscope Madness

Posted by on Jun 18 2009 | Behind The Scenes

One of my favorite parts of working at George Eastman House is getting to see all of the wonderful collection objects.  This may sound somewhat obvious, but until on any given day you can go and look at a megalethoscope slide, an original Kodak  Brownie camera, or the Sackville West album,  you  haven’t  discovered the meaning of the word distraction.  

That being said, I come to you today with two distractions to share.

The first, some meta-photography relating to Jessica’s post on megalethoscopes, taken by our photographer, Barbara Galasso.

Box o' megalethoscope slides ready to go.

megalethoscope slides laid out for digitization

The Big Moment

Ensuring accurate color


The second distraction is your very own portable megalethoscope projector  (online!).

Portable Megalethoscope Projector

It’s way unrefined, really a quick and dirty test of what may be a more robust project later.. but in the meantime, enjoy it, and if you can’t figure out how to get it to work, drop me a line.

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